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The Truly Great Hits
  1. What Would Your Memories Do
  2. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
  3. Turn, Turn, Turn
  4. Slow Burning Memory
  5. I Know The Way To You By Heart
  6. Singing In Church
  7. The Rock Farm
  8. Wvok, Birmingham
  9. Flying With The Byrds
  10. Emmylou Harris
  11. Hangin' On
  12. First Nashville Session
  13. Janie Fricke
  14. Elektra To Ovation
  15. Flying With Jones
  16. The Gospel Album
  17. Compleat To Columbia
  18. First Album With Producer Bob Montgomery
  19. Gosdin On Stage
If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong Do It Right
  1. If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong Do It Right
  2. Tennessee Courage
  3. I Feel Love Closin' In
  4. I Wonder Where We'd Be Tonight
  5. I Couldn't Love You More
  6. My Heart Is In Good Hands
  7. Favorite Fool Of All
  8. I'll Try
24 Karat Heartache
  1. The Number
  2. I'll Understand
  3. 24 Karat Heartach
  4. Three Or Four Times A Day
  5. All The Way Through
  6. Runnin' Out Of Reason To Leave
  7. Who I Came Here To Forget
  8. The Wettest Dry County
  9. What I Threw Away
  10. I'm Where A Memory Can Die For A Night
  11. Where Do We Take It From Here
The Gospel Album
  1. Jesus Hold My Hand
  2. The Other Side Of Life
  3. I'll Fly Away
  4. Jesus, Don't Turn Me Away
  5. If Jesus Comes Tomorrow [What Then]
  6. Praying
  7. Love Rolled Away The Stone
  8. I'm Gonna Be Movin'
  9. Impossible Mile
  10. Toe To Toe With The Devil
Vern Gosdin - Super Hits
  1. That Just About Does It
  2. Tanqueray
  3. I'm Still Crazy
  4. Right In The Wrong Direction
Chiseled in Stone
  1. Do You Believe Me Now
  2. Tight As Twin Fiddles
  3. Set 'Em Up Joe
  4. There Ain't Nothing Wrong (Just Ain't Nothing Right)
  5. Chiseled In Stone
  6. Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time
  7. It's Not Over, Yet
  8. Nobody Calls From Vegas Just To Say Hello
  9. I Guess I Had Your Leavin' Coming

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