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Feb 2002
  1. Osama - Yo' Mama
  2. Hang Up And Drive
  3. Safe At Home
  4. Freudian Slip
  5. Deerslayer
  6. Bon Temps Roulette
  7. The Hustler
  8. The Lady On The Radio
  9. Gone For Good
  10. United We Stand
Crackin' Up

Crackin' Up

Jan 1995
  1. Three-Legged Man
  2. Cool Down Willard
  3. I'm My Own Grandpaw
  4. The Ballad Of Cactus Pete And Lefty
  5. Sex Symbols
  6. Gourmet Restuarant
  7. The Flies Of Texas Are Upon You
  8. Doctor Doctor (Have Mercy On Me)
  9. The Day That Clancy Drowned
Mississippi Squirrel Revival
  1. I'm Kissing You Goodbye
  2. Ned Nostril (And His South Seas Paradise, Puts Your Blues On Ice, Cheap And Twice...
  3. Fred
  4. Erik The Awful
  5. The Monkees (Theme From)
  6. Joggin'
  7. Happy Hour (Is The Saddest Time Of Day)
  8. Furthermore
Classic Ray Stevens
  1. If Ten Percent Is Good Enough For Jesus( It Oughta Be Enough For Uncle Sam)
  2. The Higher Education Of Ole Blue
  3. The Bricklayer's Song
  4. Little League
  5. Meanwhile
  6. Super Cop
  7. If You And Yo Folks Like Me And My Folks
  8. The All-American Two Weeek Summer Family Vacation
  9. The Ballad Of Jake McClusky
  10. The Motel Song

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