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Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir
  1. Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1
  2. South Canadian River Song
  3. Blessings in Disguise
  4. Temperature Train
  5. Prometheus Busted
  6. Honolulu
  7. Rolling Hills
  8. What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round? [Live]
  9. Seasons Change [Live]
Geronimo's Cadillac
  1. Rainbow Man
  2. Waking Up
  3. Crack Up in Las Cruces
  4. Michael Angelo's Blues (Song for Hogman)
  5. Lights of the City
  6. You Can Only Say So Much [Live][*]
  7. Blood Brothers [Live][*]
  8. Kansas City Catfish Man [Live][*]
  9. Sikston County Wildman [Live][*]
  10. Fort Worth, I Love You [Live][*]
Ultimate Collection
  1. I Feel Good (I Feel Bad)
  2. Natchez Trail
  3. Calico Silver
  4. Harbor For My Soul
  5. What Am I Doing Hangin' Around?
  6. Drunken Lady Of The Morning
  7. Cosmic Cowboy Pt.1
  8. Swans Against The Sun
  9. Still Taking Chances
  10. A Long Line Of Love
  11. From The Word Go
  12. I'm Gonna Miss You, Girl
Wildfire 1972-1984
  1. Natchez Trace
  2. What Am I Doin' Hangin' Around?
  3. Boy From The Country
  4. Cosmic Cowboy
  5. Alleys Of Austin
  6. Rhythm Of The Road
  7. Dancing In The Meadow
  8. Renegade
  9. Nothing Is Your Own
  10. Texas Morning
  11. Backslider's Wine (LIVE)
  12. Take It As It Comes
  13. Still Takin' Chances
Cowboy Songs Four
  1. Song From Lonesome Dove
  2. Trail Song Medley: Colorado Trail/Twilight On The Trail/Along The Navajo Trail...
  3. Born To Be A Cowboy
  4. Farther Down The Line
  5. Born To Buck Bad Luck
  6. Easy On The Pain
  7. Utah Carroll
  8. Free Wheeler
  9. Rangeland Rebel
  10. Run Toward The Light
  11. The Bunkhouse Orchestra
  12. Little Joe The Wrangler
  13. Summer Ranges
  14. Old Horse
  15. Night Hawk
Horse Legends

Horse Legends

Jul 1997
  1. Tennessee Stud
  2. Running Shadow
  3. Ponies
  4. The Running Blood
  5. See How All The Horses Come Dancing
  6. Palomino Days
  7. Run For The Roses
  8. The Pony Man
  9. Quarter Horse Rider (America's Horse)
Cowboy Songs 3

Cowboy Songs 3

Oct 1993
  1. Big Iron - Michael Martin Murphey w/ Marty Robbins
  2. Rhymes Of The Renegades
  3. Riders In The Sky
  4. El Paso
  5. Sonora's Death Row
  6. Ballad Of Billy The Kid
  7. Billy Gray - Michael Martin Murphey w/ Debbie Nims
  8. Roses And Thorns - Michael Martin Murphey w/ Ryan Murphey
  9. Strawberry Roan - Michael Martin Murphey w/ Chris LeDoux
  10. The Wild West Is Gonna Get Wilder
  11. The Ballad Of Jesse James
  12. Frank James' Farewell - Michael Martin Murphey w/ Hal Ketchum
  13. Cole Younger
  14. Belle Star - Michael Martin Murphey w/ Bill Miller
  15. Queen Of Heartaches
  16. Sam Bass
  17. Birmingham Jail
Cowboy Christmas
  1. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day/Old Time Christmas
  2. Jolly Old St. Nicholas/The Christmas Letter
  3. The Creak of the Leather
  4. Christmas on the Line
  5. Sleigh Ride/Jingle Bells
  6. The Christmas Trail
  7. Merry Texas Christmas to you All
  8. Ridin' Home on Christmas Eve
  9. Corn, Water, and Wood
  10. The Cowboy Christmas Ball
  11. Polka Medley: Good King Wenceslas/Under the Double Eagle/Redwing/Golden Slippers
  12. Christmas Cowboy Style
  13. The Santa Claus Schottische/Up on the House Top/The Sweetheart Schottische/Oh Susannah/Up on the House Top
  14. Two-Step 'Round the Christmas Tree
  15. Two Step Medley: Cotton-eyed Joe/Deck the Halls/Buffalo Gals//Soldier's Joy/The Girl I left Behind Me/ Deck the Halls
  16. Log Cabin Home in the Sky
  17. Waltz Medly: O Christmas Tree/Put your little foot/the Westfalia waltz/Over the waves/O Christmas Tree
  18. Pearls in the snow
  19. Good night ladies/Auld Lang Syne/The Christmas Dance
Cowboy Songs

Cowboy Songs

Aug 1990
  1. Cowboy Logic
  2. I Ride An Old Paint/Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo, Git Along Little Doggies
  3. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  4. Tying Knots In The Devil's Tail
  5. The Old Chisholm Trail
  6. Home On The Range
  7. What Am I Doing Here
  8. Wild Ripplin' Waters
  9. The Yellow Rose Of Texas
  10. Spanish Is The Lovin' Tongue
  11. Cowboy Pride
  12. Red River Valley
  13. Let The Cowboy Dance
  14. Jack Of Diamonds
  15. Texas Rangers
  16. When The Work's All Done This Fall
  17. The Streets Of Laredo
  18. O Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
  19. Where Do Cowboys Go When They Die/Reincarnation
  20. Goodbye Old Paint
  21. Happy Trails

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