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Afterglow Lyrics

song performed by Lobo in the album Lobo - Greatest Hits

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I hold your hand and feel your fingers shaking
I wonder what is going through your mind
The only sound we hear is each other breathing
And I can tell we're starting to unwind
You're starring at the painting by the window
And I know that your mind is far away
I reach for you and you move even closer
That makes it easy cos words are hard to say
Afterglow just keeps coming
Lying here with you
Afterglow my mind keeps running
Through a fantasy for two
We both know there's no other
Feeling that makes our love grow
Like love's afterglow
You turn now you're looking into my eyes
I see you like I never could before
I hear you making sounds that say I love you
With everything we do I love you more

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