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Baby the Rain Must Fall/It's Gonna Be Fine
  1. Library
  2. Unknown
  3. Never Let Her Go
  4. Sometimes
  5. Half A World Away
  6. Where Does Love Go
  7. An Island Of The Mind
  8. Now That They're Playing A Love Song
  9. Ring Of Bright Water
  10. Summer Sunshine
  11. What The World Needs Now Is Love
  12. It's Gonna Be Fine
  13. Down In The Jungle
  14. I Hate To See The Sun Go Down
Baby The Rain Must Fall
  1. Baby The Rain Must Fall
  2. Lonesome
  3. She's Too Far Above Me
  4. Rusting In The Rain
  5. Love, Let Me Not Hunger
  6. The Bull Frog Song
  7. She
  8. Long Time Blues
  9. I've Been To Town
  10. Billy Goat Hill
  11. Everybody's Rich But Us
Come Share My Life
  1. Love Come A-Tricklin' Down
  2. Stanyan Street
  3. The Warm and Gentle Girls
  4. Hummingbird
  5. No One To Talk My Troubles To
  6. When Summer Ends
  7. Come Share My Life
  8. That's The Way It's Gonna Be
  9. The Happy Whistler
  10. Mattie Down
  11. A Young Girl
  12. More I Cannot Wish You
  1. The Lonely Things
  2. Channing Way, 2
  3. The Word Before Goodbye
  4. Night Song
  5. So Long, San Francisco
  6. Stanyan Street, Revisited
  7. Hello
  8. The Women
  9. Brownstone
  10. People Change
  11. The Summertime Of Days
  12. A Kind Of Loving

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