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The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions
  1. My Heart Beat Like A Hammer (Take 2-Master Version With Studio Talk)
  2. Merry Go Round (Take 2-Master Version With Studio Talk/Remix)
  3. Long Grey Mare
  4. Hellhound On My Trail (Take 1-Complete Master Version/Remix)
  5. Shake Your Moneymaker (Master Version With Studio Talk)
  6. No Place To Go
  7. My Baby's Good To Me
  8. I Loved Another Woman
  9. Cold Black Night
  10. The Wolrd Keep On Turning
  11. Got To Move
  12. I Loved Another Woman (Take 1-Previously Unissued/Incomplete, Take 2-Previously Unissued...
  13. Cold Black Night (Take 1-Previously Unissued/False Start, Take 2-Previously Unissued/False Start...
  14. You're So Evil (Previously Unissued)
  15. I'm Coming Home To Stay (Previously Unissued)
  16. Rollin' Man
  17. Dust My Broom
  18. Need Your Love Tonight
  19. If You Be My Baby
  20. Lazy Poker Blues
  21. Trying So Hard To Forget
  22. Stop Messin' Round (Take 1-Previously Unissued/False Start...
  23. Mystery Boogie (Previously Unissued)
  24. Need Your Love So Bad (Version #2 (Remake), Take 2-Complete Version/Remix)
  25. The Sun Is Shining
  26. Need Your Love So Bad (Version #1: Take 1-Previously Unissued/False Start...
  27. Ooh Baby
  28. South Indiana-Take 1
  29. Last Night
  30. Red Hot Jam (Take 1-Previously Unissued With Studio Talk)
  31. I'm Worried
  32. I Held My Baby Last Night
  33. Madison Blues
  34. I Can't Hold Out
  35. Bobby's Rock (Previously Unissued)
  36. I Need Your Love (Take 2-Master Version With Previously Unissued Studio Talk)
  37. Horton's Boogie Woogie (Take 1-Previously Unissued)
  38. I Got The Blues (Master Version With Previously Unissued False Start)
  39. World's In A Tangle
  40. Talk WIth You
  41. Like It This Way
  42. Someday Soon Baby
  43. Hungry Country Girl
  44. Black Jack Blues
  45. Everyday I Have The Blues
  46. Rockin' Boogie
  47. My Baby's Gone
  48. Sugar Mama (Take 1-Previously Unissued/Incomplete)
  49. Homework
  50. Honey Boy Blues (Previously Unissued/Incomplete)
  51. Have A Good Time (Previously Unissued)
  52. That's Wrong (Previously Unissued)
  53. Rock Me Baby (Previously Unissued)
  54. Drifting
  55. Leaving Town Blues (Take 5-Master Version/Remix With Previously Unissued False Start)
  56. Watch Out (Take 2-Complete Master Version/Remix)
  57. A Fool No More (Take 1-Previously Unissued/False Start, Take 2-Previously Unissued/False Start...
  58. Mean Old Fireman (Take 1-Previously Unissued/False Start/Take 2- Master Version/Alternative Original
  59. Can't Afford To Do It
  60. Fleetwood Mac (Mono)
  61. Worried Dream (Take 1-Master Version/Remix With Previously Unissued Incomplete Take)
  62. Love That Woman (Alternative Original Mix)
  63. Allow Me One More Show (Alternative Original Mix)
  64. First Train Home (Mono)
  65. Rambling Pony No.2 (Alternative Original Mix)


Jun 1998
  1. Live Album Version
  2. Remix
  3. String Mix
  4. Analog Mix

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