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At Carnegie Hall, Vol. 1-4 (Chicago IV)
  1. In The Country
  2. 5th Movement
  3. I Don't Want Your Money
  4. Free Form Intro (Naseltones)
  5. A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast/Off To Work/Fallin' Out/Dreamin' Home/Morning Blues Again
  1. Questions 67 To 68
  2. Wake Up Sunshine
  3. Make Smile/So Much To Say, So Much To Give/Anxiety's Moment/West Virginia Fantasies
  4. To Be Free/Now More Than Ever
  5. Fancy Colours
  6. It Better End Soon: 1st Movement/3rd Movement/4h Movement
  7. An Hour In The Shower: A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast/Of To Work/Fallin' Out Dreamin' Home/Morning Blues Again
  8. Feeling Stronger Every Day
  9. In Tems Of Two
  10. Prelude (Little One)/Little One
  11. Manipulation
  12. Thunder And Lightning
  13. Song For You
  14. The American Dream
  15. Chains
  16. What You're Missing
  17. We Can Stop Hurtin'
  18. Good For Nothing
  19. You'[re Not Alone
  20. Hearts In Trouble
  21. You Come To My Sense
  22. All The Years
  23. Sonte Of Sisyphus
  24. Bigger Than Elvis
Chicago Xi

Chicago Xi

Feb 2003
  1. Till The End Of Time
  2. Policeman
  3. Vote For Me
  4. Takin' It On Uptown
  5. This Time
  6. The Inner Stuggles Of A Man
  7. Little One
  8. Wish I Could Fly (Rehersal)
  9. Paris (Rehearsal)

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