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Live at Last

by Bette Midler, album published in Oct 1993
  1. Backstage
  2. Friends/Oh My My
  3. Bang You're Dead
  4. Birds
  5. Comic Relief
  6. In The Mood
  7. Hurry On Down
  8. The Vicki Eydie Show: Around The World/Istanbul/Fiesta In Rio/South Seas Scene/Hawaiian War Chant...
  9. Intermission: You're Moving Out Today
  10. Delta Dawn
  11. Long Delta Blues
  12. Those Wonderful Sophie Tucker Jokes
  13. The Story Of Nanette: Nanette/Alabama Song/Drinking Again/Mr. Rockefeller/Ready To Begin Again...
  14. Fried Eggs
  15. Finale: Up The Ladder To The Roof/Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Friends

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