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Livin' Lovin' Rockin' Rollin': The 25th Anniversary Collection
  1. Medley: That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/Suppertime/Teach Your Children/Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
  2. I Write A Little
  3. Pass It On Down
  4. Tar Top (Live)
  5. Medley: Deep River Woman/When We Make Love
  6. I Just Couldn't Say No
  7. Too Much Love
  8. The Woman He Loves
  9. Vacation (Live)
  10. If It Ain't Dixie (It Won't Do) (Live)
  11. The Cheao Seats
  12. Ripperly O'Tucke (Demo)
  13. Hats Off
Roll On

Roll On

Oct 1990
  1. Roll On
  2. Carolina Mountain Dewe
  3. The End Of The Lyin'
  4. I'm Not That Way Anymore
  5. I'f You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The B and)
  6. There's A Fire In The Night
  7. When We Make Love
  8. Country Side Of Life
  9. The Boy
  10. Food On The Table
  1. She's Got That Look In Her Eyes
  2. Fire In The Night
  3. If Your Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band
  4. Homesick Fever
  5. Say I
  6. I'f You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The B
  7. We Made Love
  8. Hey Baby
  9. Clear Across America Tonight
  10. How Do You Fall In Love
  11. Then We Remember
  12. Will You Marry Me
  13. Heartbreak Express
  14. & Quot;Reckless & Quot ;
  15. Mist Of Desire
  16. Anytime
  17. Dixie Fire
  18. 40 Hour Week
  19. American Pride
  20. Anytime (i'm Your Man)
  21. As Right Now
  22. Barefootin'
  23. Between The Two Of Them
  24. Borderline
  25. Burn, Georgia, Burn
  26. Calling All Angels
  27. Can't Froget About You
  28. Cheap Seats
  29. Close Enough To Perfect For Me
  30. Cruisin'
  31. Deep River Woman
  32. Deep River Woman (Alabama w/Lionel Richie)
  33. Down On Longboat Key
  34. Down On The River
  35. Down This Road
  36. Fantasy
  37. Fire on Fire
  38. Fireworks
  39. Five O'Clock 500
  40. Food On The Table (and Shoes On My Feet)
  41. Forty Hour Week
  42. Get It While It's Hot
  43. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (Alabama wtih Nsync)
  44. Goodbye
  45. Goodbye (Kelly's Song)
  46. Gulf of Mexico
  47. Hangin' 'round The Mistletow
  48. Hollywood
  49. I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today
  50. I Ain't Got No Business Doing Business Today
  51. I Can't Hide My Heart
  52. I Can't Love You Any Less
  53. I Can't Stop
  54. I Could Just See You Now
  55. I Love You Enough To Let You Go
  56. I Saw The Time
  57. I Showed Her
  58. I Want To Be With You Tonight
  59. I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
  60. I'm In A Hurry
  61. I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)
  62. I'm In That Kind Of Mood
  63. I'm Still Dreamin'
  64. I'm Stoned
  65. If I Could Just See You Now
  66. If It Ain't Dixie (It Won't Do)
  67. If You're Gonna Play In Texas
  68. If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)
  69. Is That What Time It Is
  70. Is The Magic Still There
  71. It Works
  72. Joesph & Mary's Boy
  73. Katy Brought My Guitar Back to Today
  74. Keepin' Up
  75. Life's Too Short To Love This Fast
  76. Little Things
  77. Louisiana Moon
  78. Louisiana Saturday Night
  79. Love Remains (guest vocals by Christopher Cross)
  80. Moonlight Lounge
  81. My Girl
  82. My Love Belongs To You
  83. Of Course I'm Alright
  84. Old Man
  85. Ole' Baugh Road
  86. Ole’ Baugh Road
  87. One More Time Around
  88. Patches
  89. Pete's Music City
  90. Pictures And Memories
  91. Pony Express
  92. Reinvent The Wheel
  93. Richard Petty Fan
  94. Ride The Train
  95. Right Where I Am
  96. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)
  97. Santa Claus
  98. See The Embers, Feel The Flame
  99. Shaggin' On The Boulevard
  100. She Can
  101. Simple As That
  102. Small Stuff
  103. Sometimes Out Of Touch
  104. Spin the Wheel
  105. Start Living
  106. Starting Tonight
  107. Sunday Drive
  108. T.L.C.A.S.A.P.
  109. Take A Little Trip
  110. Taking Care Of Business (live)
  111. Tar Top
  112. The Maker Said Take Her
  113. Touch Me When We're Dancin
  114. Twentieth Century
  115. Until It Happens to You
  116. Vacation
  117. Want To Know You Before We Make Love
  118. Will You Marry Me (Alabama with Jann Arden)
  119. Woman Back Home
  120. Wonderful Waste Of Time
  121. Write It Down In Blue
  122. You Only Paint The Picture Once
  123. You're My Explanation For Living

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